[permaculture] Re: Alternative Food System Description

Guy Koehler, Rivendell Ranch rivendell_ranch at reachone.com
Wed Dec 24 09:37:04 EST 2003

I'm in WA State, near the Pacific Ocean. Your email (Kathy) is very
intriguing, and seems to point the way towards my goal here of creating a
co-op / csa that connects farmers with local consumers for organic grass fed
meats, dairy, vegetables, herbs, flowers, gourmet / medicinal mushrooms and
also recreation (camping, cob Hobbit cabins).

My ranch, Rivendell is 160 acres with lambs, hogs, and soon a green house.
There is camping now and we are building cob Hobbit cabins next year.

I am hoping that you may have already solved a lot of the problems I am
trying to address:
- sustainability
- organic grass fed
- fair profit to farmers
- fair prices to consumers
- development of local economy
- community

Thank you for your time,

Guy Koehler
Rivendell Ranch
Hoquiam, WA 98550


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