[permaculture] Ecological impact of flying

John Schinnerer john at eco-living.net
Fri Dec 19 19:25:45 EST 2003


I have also read that a full, large passenger plane is quite efficient in fuel
used (relatively speaking, vs. other machines) per passenger mile.

I read of a Dutch study some years ago (late 80's maybe) that said if the
estimated total of the world's air travel were to be equally distributed
between all the world's population, each person would get the equivalent of
one (one-way) trip across the Atlantic...

> We have realised a personnal footprint test
> for which after study we proposed the following value :
> one hour of plane requires 500 m² of living-earth ressources...
> But I recently heard a planecompanyworker state
> that 100 km of a big plane requires only one litter of gazoil
> for each passenger when the plane is full and is economicaly driven.
> I was quite surprise, and I think it is worth investigating !
> JLuc

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