[permaculture] worm troubles

Chuck & Linda clearned at bminet.com
Fri Dec 19 15:17:32 EST 2003

I am doing some serious head scratching and could sure use any thoughts
folks might have: I am  preparing my wastewater submission plan to  the
state of WI. My concern is with venting what I call the "Vermiculture Based
Unsaturated Aerobic Bio Filter"  I will be flushing my toilets through this
VBUABF. This filter has a biomix of semi composted leaves and woodchips and
the worms, the glorious worms make it work by consuming the "bio solids" all
the while turning and aerating the mix creating thousands of pasage ways for
the effluent to flow through and be aerobically cleansed by beneficial
organisms and bacteria. The effluent will drain on to my leachfield.

My problem is I live in brrrrrr Wisconsin. The VBUABF is going to hang out
in the greenhouse in an insulated container, this is good as worms like to
be in a temp range of 68F to 80F(just like us!)  However all toilets need to
be vented as the air is displaced when the waste enters the filter basin.
Venting indoors requires me to run a vent stack to the sky. So here lies my
problem 0 degree temperatures dropping down ontop of the worms. They head
south to the bottom of the box and take a nap because their house is cold. I
need my worms to be happy and comfy and still have ventilation taking place.

I thought of having an inline ventilation fan that force the air through
some kind of an air valve in the vent stack however I don't really want a
fan continuously running. Any suggestions? I know the www.biolytix.com folks
in Australia appear to just vent with an open vent but heh there not in

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