[permaculture] Poplar trees may be new draw for pig farms

Rick Valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Fri Dec 19 15:56:18 EST 2003

> Poplars also a good species with which to do biotecture so that you
> could weave/bind the branches of closely spaced poplar plantings to
> make a virtually impenetrable ( and decorative) fence/fedge.

Perhaps impenetrable to city folk. Animals on the other hand...
Biotechture is cool, but it is to be considered that regular trimming- 3
times a year or so- will be needed with a fast growing tree like poplar,
because any big cut will open the tree to rot. (try oyster mushrooms)

I certainly agree with all the uses for poplar that have been mentioned. BUT
they are invasive, particularly via root. And you do want to avoid clonal
(from cuttings) reproduction from a single source unless you need uniform
genetics and are willing to leave your planting vulnerable to plague (as
happened in NZ with Lombardy Poplar)
Even native poplar stands tend to have low floral species diversity probably
due to shade and root competion. (personnal observation and cited in D.
Theodoropoulos "Invasion Biology" with cottonwood compared to Tamarisk)

If you can have a polyculture with bamboo, you've got a species involved
that will use the nutrients even in winter when the poplar has no leaves on.

I do plant poplar sometimes. Just not in plantations or hedges.


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