[permaculture] acorns

jamie jamie at tiscali.fr
Wed Dec 17 12:29:55 EST 2003

Hello everyone, I've spent some of the last month tasting acorns from the
many oaks in this area inspired by Russel Smith's 'Tree Crops'. While there
have been many that have been ferociously bitter there have equally been
those not far from palatable and at least 2 trees where the acorn can be
eaten out of hand where the taste is not disimilar to chestnuts (perhaps
without quite the same sweetness). The main species are Quercus ilex and Q.
kermes, with Q.ilex the most palatable.

I'm wondering if others are using their own native acorns and how they
prepare and use them. I'm also wondering if there is a change in taste
dependent upon the yearly climatic factors or whether taste (especially
sweetness and tannin content remain fairly constant). If anyone can point me
to online information or other books discussing acorns I'd appreciate it.


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