[permaculture] Ecological impact of flying

Jean Luc Girard jeanlucgirard at online.fr
Wed Dec 17 04:39:32 EST 2003

We have realised a personnal footprint test
for which after study we proposed the following value :
one hour of plane requires 500 m² of living-earth ressources...
But I recently heard a planecompanyworker state
that 100 km of a big plane requires only one litter of gazoil
for each passenger when the plane is full and is economicaly driven.
I was quite surprise, and I think it is worth investigating !
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Antonio Scotti a écrit :

> Hi,
> does anyone knows the ecological impact of commercial airplanes?
> I am looking for the numbers: fuel, CO2 etc.
> Thanks
> Antonio Scotti
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