[permaculture] Zoellick letter - send hard copy, I don't have an e-mail for him

John Schinnerer john at eco-living.net
Tue Dec 16 15:29:59 EST 2003

Hi All,

I don't have an e-mail address for Zoellick - I sent him a hard copy.  I
suggest doing the same as they carry more "weight" on average than e-mails. 
Or if someone has time to find his e-mail address, by all means post it...

John S.

> Thanks, John Schinnerer.  Here's my letter, which tells Zoellick that
> changing the rules would be anticompetitive.  Where can I email it to?
> Kathy, Tahlequah
> Honorable Robert Zoellick
> United States Trade Representative
> 600 17 th Street, NW
> Washington, D.C. 20508
> Dear Ambassador Zoellick:
> On October 18, 2003, the EU Journal set new rules tracing and labelling
> gene-altered substances. US farmers who distinguish their food and feed
> as GMO free would lose their competitive advantage in European markets
> if the US were to lobby for changes in the EU rules, and I urge you to
> take no action which would undercut the GMO-free standard which Europe
> freely chose. The EU rule benefits some American farmers,  and it would
> be onerous to American GMO-free farmers to eliminate this competitive
> edge.  I'm sure that many American exporters who can meet the EU label
> will stand prepared with Europe to refute any US efforts which would
> undermine the competitive success of  GM-free foods and feed.
> Sincerely,
> Kathy Carter-White
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