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Rick Valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Mon Dec 15 02:00:58 EST 2003

Agroecología published by UCDavis by Miguel Algiers?

Altieri it is.         Yes, theory! Very abstract for one such as I, but
good nonetheless.

A PDC in January in Cuernavaca! Que bien! Next time let me know, if I can
come down I will.

I've not had time to read it but my own local Organic newsletter "In Good
Tilth" came out with 4 articles in both Espanol & English while I was in
Cuernavaca, wish I could have brought it down! It's a fine development, as
much of the workforce here is of course Mexicano. The Oregon Nursery
Association magazine I got upon return from teaching at Lost Valley had an
article about a Mexicano offering training seminars on intercultural
communication to nursery owners and managers. Looks like he uses some of the
things I've learned to do in a design course for developing the group
It's been over twelve years since we have had a bi-lingual design course in
Oregon (which was where I met Jose and Alejandra Caballero) it may be time
again soon... Have there been any others in the US?

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