[permaculture] Changing EU GM labels would undercut GM-free Exports

Kathy Carter-White kathycarterwhite at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 14 23:13:29 EST 2003

Thanks, John Schinnerer.  Here's my letter, which tells Zoellick that 
changing the rules would be anticompetitive.  Where can I email it to?  
Kathy, Tahlequah

Honorable Robert Zoellick
United States Trade Representative
600 17 th Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20508

Dear Ambassador Zoellick:
On October 18, 2003, the EU Journal set new rules tracing and labelling 
gene-altered substances. US farmers who distinguish their food and feed 
as GMO free would lose their competitive advantage in European markets 
if the US were to lobby for changes in the EU rules, and I urge you to 
take no action which would undercut the GMO-free standard which Europe 
freely chose. The EU rule benefits some American farmers,  and it would 
be onerous to American GMO-free farmers to eliminate this competitive 
edge.  I'm sure that many American exporters who can meet the EU label 
will stand prepared with Europe to refute any US efforts which would 
undermine the competitive success of  GM-free foods and feed.


Kathy Carter-White

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