[permaculture] Study about lead in gardens

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>   The good news, engineers at Northwestern University now report, is 
> that even in heavily lead-tainted dirt, most of the metal usually 
> becomes trapped in the parts of plants that few people eat, such as 
> roots and stems. Indeed, the new data indicate that intentionally using 
> inedible plants to sop up lead could prove a low-cost strategy for 
> detoxifying backyards and school grounds, making them safer for 
> children.

Lawrence--  Help us out here. What are the names of some grasses that are 
good for sequestering heavy metals? 

One fallow season growing these grasses and removing them, rather than 
turning them under, should clean up an urban garden and make it ready for veggies. 
The problem is what to do with the chaff. Take it to the landfill, if they will 
accept it, I suppose.

Mike Elvin
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