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Lots of good suggestions listed so far.  Here is some contact info for some
already listed.

1)Real Goods in Hopland, CA
2) John Jeavons, biointensive gardening, Willets, CA and their partner seed
3) Village Homes in Davis, CA
(If you go to Davis, drop by(and/or eat a meal at) the food coop
http://www.daviscoop.com/ and also see if you can get a tour of the
community gardens, too.)
4) N Street Homes in Davis, CA
5) Ecological Farming Conference, January 21-24, 2004 Pacific Grove at

Here are some others:
1) Alice Waters, her restaurant, and the school garden she helped start,
Berkeley, CA (she is a new officer in the international SlowFood
organization and has challenged every local SlowFood group to help create a
school garden in addition to her work of using as much sustainably grown
local food as possible in her restaurant, good cookbooks too)
(And if you have time there is a museum near there with a lot of indigenous
useful craft items like baskets and pottery)
2) Any SlowFood meetings you can visit while you are in the US (email the
local leaders and ask them to let you know of any that occur)

3) University of California, Santa Cruz biointensive gardens, internship
program, Albie Miles

4) Ask around about who has New Years Eve and day celebrations that you
might enjoy.  Seattle has had some big celebrations in the past.

5) Napa and Somoma vinyards (there are about 300 so reading a guide book is
helpful to sort out what you might want to see).  The Ferarri-Carano winery
and the Viansa winery both have some excellent permaculture style
landscaping.  The Viansa winery is also devoted to good quality food and
amazing amounts of wildlife in their wetlands restoration project.

6) Whidbey Island, some interesting CSAs and focus on local economics

7) Aprovecho, all sorts of alternative technology

8) Farm Conference/Direct Marketing February 2-8, 2004 Sacramento
http://www/californiafarmconference.com or http://www.nafdma.com

9) You might see if anyone from The Seed Savers Exchange (heirloom seeds)
will be attending anything in California/Oregon/Washington during that time
and if you could meet up with them.

10)Vicki Robins of simple living/New Road Map or Arnie, simple living study
group in Seattle
This would be the best group to meet with probably if you can connect with
them as they are the originators
Phone: 206-525-5955
Contact: Arnie  E-Mail: arniea at drizzle.com
Group Format: Simplicity Circles as in The Circle Of Simplicity

11) Gary Nabhan, if he has any meetings or speaking engagements anywhere
near where you will be
http://www.ecobooks.com/nabhan.htm some of his books
In his most recent book, Coming Home to Eat: The Sensual Pleasures and
Global Politics of Local Foods, he describes an experiment of trying to eat
for an entire year on food grown withing 250 miles of his home.
Teacher with Joel Glanzberg of Permaculture Course entitled "Permaculture,
from High Deserts to Pine Woodlands".
Also a coordinator of an Arizona SlowFood group.

12)The Eco-Farming conference in #5 in the first section may draw a lot of
people you'd like to meet.  You might ask the organizers for suggestions as
it's hard to know who might be going in any particular year.  Joel Salatin
(Pastured Poultry) or Shep Ogden (Cooks seeds, heirloom seeds, organic
gardener), Jeavons or other Ecology Action people, Seed Savers Exchange
people, and some of the garlic conservationists are likely possibilities.

13) People and farms from the area who are on the North American Fruit
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14) Somewhere in the Portland, Oregon area there is the US headquarters for
an Heirloom Apple group.  Unfortunately I can't think of the name of it.  If
anyone else knows it or a website, would you post it to the list?

Hmmm....how many years worth of suggestions do we have so far...?

gordonse at one.net

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