[permaculture] Genetic modification

Kathy Carter-White kathycarterwhite at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 8 21:00:48 EST 2003

Jay Woods:
Meadows says that Wright ...

> writes about an MIT archive in which she found the transcript of a 
> fateful meeting that took place in 1976 at the National Institutes of 
> Health.

http://www.press.uchicago.edu/cgi-bin/hfs.cgi/00/12522.ctl  is where you 
can buy...

> Wright, Susan Molecular Politics: Developing American and British 
> Regulatory Policy for Genetic Engineering, 1972-1982. xxiv, 592 p., 10 
> line drawings, 32 tables. 1994

It is probably the text with the cites if you wish to use Wright's 
primary source materials for research.

Kathy, in Tahlequah Oklahoma
(A Meadows Sustainability  Institute Fellow)

Thanks for the article.

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