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Kelly Finigan kfinigan at spots.ca
Mon Dec 8 17:55:50 EST 2003

Hi Marsha:

I travelled from Canada to California in 2000 to do my permaculture training 
with Penny at Occidental Arts and Ecology Centre (OAEC). I researched all I 
could to maximise my trip. Things / places I saw in California and recommend:

PINC (Penny's Institute) - Point Reyes;
OAEC (previously Farallones Rural Institute)- Occidental;
Real Goods Solar Living Centre - Hopland;

Places / people I know of but missed and wish I'd visited:
Davis Homes ("green" subdivision built in hot dry desert in the 1970's) - 
Art Ludwig / Oasis Designs (greywater) - Santa Barbara;
Farallones Urban Institute (source of the book "The Integral Urban House") - 
Berkeley I think???; 
Bill Roley (perm institute of southern california) - Laguna Beach;
large windpower developments in the mountain passes;
Ecology Action (home of John Jeavons and "How to grow more vegetables than 
you ever thought possible") - Willits;
Biodynamic Gardening Association - San Francisco;

I hope this helps you!


On Sat, 6 Dec 2003 08:59:27 -0800 (PST), Marsha Hanzi wrote
> I will be spending 11th December-14th February in California/Seattle,
>  maybe Mexico.  Will participate in Starhawk and Penny Livingstone´s 
> course on Earth Activist Training.
> Would most appreciate being advised of any activities or projects in 
> California that you think one should not miss (Permaculture and 
> energy techniques- biodynamic, Schauberger,etc...)
> Thanks for the tips!
> Have a wonderful holiday season!
> Marsha Hanzi
> Instituto de Permacultura da Bahia
> Brazil
> mhanzi at yahoo.com
> www.permacultura-bahia.org.br
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