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Jay Woods woodsjay at cox.net
Mon Dec 8 08:56:35 EST 2003

This substance of this article depends solely on a single reference. It 
was to an article in July 2000 GeneWatch (not Gene Watch) by Susan 
Wright, science historian at the University of Michigan.

The archive of GeneWatch shows:

    No. 3: July 2000 Special Issue: The Human Genome Project

The table of contents are not listed this far back online.  An attempt 
was made against the National Library of Medicine (Entrez) on a query of 
'genewatch 2000':

    Four articles were listed covering pages 1-9, none by Susan Wright.
    No abstracts were available.
    A search in Entrez on 'Susan Wright' had no publications related to

A search in google on 'susan wright 1976' turned up:

    The CV should have listed such a publication. A page search for
    'watch' turned up nothing.
    She has been active in this area of historical research for many years.

It is likely that the article referenced doesn't exist. A visual 
inspection of the GeneWatch July 2000 issue would shed more light on 
this. Look especially for a reference to one of Susan Wright's many 

Marimike6 at cs.com wrote:

> Everybody--
> Here's an interesting article on genetic engineering and the safety 
> issue. Compare how we solved it with how the Europeans did.
> Click here: How It Happened That We Don't Regulate Biotech 
> <http://www.pcdf.org/meadows/molecular_politics.html>
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