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Hi Rick and Antonio and others,

multi-purpose trees
I find the following to be an excellent source of in-depth information 
about multi-purpose trees in "mexican" Spanish. Besides info on pretty much 
everything you need to know :) about the trees, it also lists common names, 
which are many, even within Mexico, reflecting the number of indigenous 
groups and languages.

Nitrogen fixers
NFTA also has much information in Spanish, 

Permaculture and eco-construction
I was talking to Alejandra Caballero just last night (emergency call about 
cracks in my mud floor) and she said her "Acercamiento a la Permacultura" 
book is out of print yet again. She'd love to find help in re-printing it, 
as well as her update of her manual on strawbale building. (without any 
commercial interests on her part). (directly speaking to Antonio's 
comment.) She does still have a video on strawbale building. She was ok 
with my sending her email so here goes: sanisidro at turbotlax.com.mx

The people with tierramor (Holger and Marina) basically took over Skye's 
iniciative of getting basic permaculture design stuff translated into 
Spanish - as he abandoned us for Brazil :)  See 

La Casa Ecológica Autosuficiente (para climas templado y frio - I think 
another was written for climas cálidos húmedos). Armando Deffis Caso, 
Mexico City. Another one that architects seems to like a lot is the 
Arquiteco Descalzo.- but it has gone to that great 
library-of-loaned-and-not-replaced-books-in-the-sky, so don't have more info.

Gardening, Agriculture

Cristian  Geradon wrote "Agroecología" - a booklet published by Promoción 
del Desarrollo Popular (PDP) in Mexico City, which also has two manuals on 
double digging gardening. One on soils and fertilization, other on the 
technique and companion planting. "El Huerto Biológico" by Claude Aubert in 
Barcelona to be the best (any chance this is the same as "Tu Huerto 
Biológico"?) overall for gardening, although limited (for me) by its 
temperate climate bent.

There's also the book Agroecología published by UCDavis by Miguel Algiers? 
something like that. NOT a how-to manual, very good on explaining the 
why-fors of sustainable agriculture. (Christian's manual is a 
super-condensation appropriate for non-academics.)

Soil and water conservation
Her brother José has a nice manual on soil and water conservation, 
especially for farming on those marginal slopes of which we have so many 
here, including a bit on how to compost, foliar sprays, etc. His work 
email: casfa at prodigy.net.mx

I've seen zillions of manuals on composting, but just saw a new one which 
was really artfully done from Guanjuato...

Env educ for groups with social critique, gender perspective
Andrea García de la Rosa and I wrote a series of short manuals for group 
work on: worm composting, water, soil, household cleaners (etc) and solid 
waste with a gender perspective. Besides basic statistics on the state of 
water and soil, it suggests groups exercises for reflecting on 
social/environmental issues. Also out of print!! and not great quality stuff.

Ianto Evans has a great book on wood-conserving stoves. Estufas para 
Ahorrar combustible

Ecological sanitation
(i.e., sanitation which follows nature's way of recycling) César Añorve 
(CITA) and I (Espacio de Salud) share a website. All questions regarding 
hardware should go to César. My work has been focused on the 
educational/follow-up work within the communities (see the link to "clean 
water, healthy communities). 
http://www.laneta.apc.org/esac/activities.htm  But there are two books 
published by the Swedes in English and Spanish: Ecological Sanitation and 
Closing the Cicle: Ecol. San for Food Security. These you can request in 
spanish for free from      sarar at laneta.apc.org


Laura Kuri just edited (wrote?) an anthology? compilation? something like 

Alternative economies
(e.g., trueque, barter, LETS stuff) see PDP again..

Not sure what help this is, but please holler if wanting more information. 
A few of us will be giving a design course here in Cuernavaca starting in 
January, and will be looking for more materials. But meanwhile, I still 
rely by far on English texts. Great news to hear that the Introduction book 
has been re-translated, I found the other less than helpful as well.

And "the Troje" we hope will develop into some kind of demonstration farm.

Too bad you didn't ask me this question when you were here, Rick!, I would 
have taken you to my house to see all this stuff!!

Take care,

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