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Antonio Scotti antonio.scotti at tiscali.es
Wed Dec 3 01:56:10 EST 2003

Tagari republished Introduction to Permaculture which I hope it was written
in better Spanish that the one you mention.
I believe it was translated in Ecuador.

Thanks for the pointers.
We really need to start having a strong literature of pc in Spanish. I am
100% sure lots of people working in Latin America must have produced
their own documents, but never release them to press for financial reasons
or whatever.
Also I guess many teachers and designers (let's say people in general)  just
don't like writing unless they have to.

I am finding that lack of literature may hinder progress and awareness in a
I am an Aikido teacher and the aikido method which I taught was barely known
in Spain when I arrived in this country
AND there was also no documentation in Spanish about it, so no wonder very
few people showed up in dojo.
after I developed a web page explaining what it was about, things started to
change, and now most of my students arrived because of the web page. Now
that a couple of books have been published things are slooooowly starting to
change too.

So I believe literature on a subject has it's importance but it is not the
only thing.
One other thing we are lacking of here in Spain and probably many other
Spainsh speaking countries is demonstration centers.

All the best

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