[permaculture] Extremely fast growing paulownias

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Wed Dec 3 04:50:09 EST 2003

Kevin Topek wrote:

> Paulownias grew like the weeds they are in the Piedmont (central) and
> Coastal Plains of North Carolina. I was under the impression that the wood
> was a favorite for coffins in Japan. It is my observation that they like

Paulownia wood is highly prized in Japan as it is here in the USA: big fines of you're caught Paulownia poaching
- happens, moonlight requisitioning with chainsaw and FWD truck or jeep, like cacti in the Southwest,
just search through Google. The Japanese have traditionally used it for boxes to hold such things as sets of woodworking chisels.

> cool and very moist temperate conditions. During the spring, the ground
> beneath the trees is littered with purple bells that are the fallen
> blossoms. I also noticed when they sustained wind damage, the cracked wood
> did not rot rapidly at all, as would be expected from a fast growing, thin
> celled wood. Paulownias are being looked at for restoration of NC coastal
> land played out by cotton and hog farming.

That's great to hear. Waxmyrtle grows very fast too - can harvest the waxy berries for candlemaking.
It would be good to grow Live Oak on a commercial basis, for woodworkers. Its the hardest oak in the USA and is rivalled
only by Japanese white oak which is used for chisel handles and woodworking plane blocks or dai's.

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