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>Looks like Geoff Lawton has worked in Mexico too, maybe contact him about
>resources in (Mexican :-) Spanish.

Alejandra Caballero in Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala, Mexico has been doing 
permaculture longer than anyone I know and she does have some wonderful 
Spanish booklets.

Ianto Evans of Cottage Cob is another long time teacher in Spanish and may 
have some publications, he has also worked with Alejandro over the years.

I have some copies of the Introduccion a la Permacultura and their are 
several publications in Portugese that you can get to by contacting Andre 
<ipec1 at terra.com.br>.

There is also Bob Ward in Spain who was very active in the past but I 
haven't heard from him in some years.

I don't have addresses handy but if you write me off line I will look them up.


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