[permaculture] dehulling/dehusking oats

John Schinnerer john at eco-living.net
Mon Dec 1 16:18:24 EST 2003


You could grow hulless oats.  Bountiful gardens sells a hulless variety
(online: bountifulgardens.org), and also hulless barley.  I've grown small
amounts of both in an urban garden, just because I wanted to try them, and
they are in fact hulless.  There's still a light chaff that needs separating,
as I recall, but no hull.

Barley has got to be one of the most gorgeous grain plants I've ever seen -
especially sparkling with dew.

> Does anyone have any experience or ideas about how to dehull oats?
> I'm thinking of growing some (I like to eat them and they grow well around
> here) but I'm not sure how to remove the husks. ....

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