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Subject: News: Maharishi Vedic City plans organic farm
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  From the Fairfield Ledger in Fairfield, Iowa

Vedic City plans organic farm

By Erik Gable, Ledger staff writer April 23, 2003

Greenhouses would allow Vedic City to grow produce year-round.

       MAHARISHI VEDIC CITY -- Officials in Iowa's newest city plan to
start a series of city-operated greenhouses to grow and sell organic
       The greenhouses will be run by a city agency called Maharishi
Vedic City Organic Farms.
       In the summer and early fall, said Maharishi Vedic City Mayor Bob
Wynne, a number of local farmers grow organic produce.
       During the winter, he said, organic produce sold in Iowa is mostly
imported from California and Mexico.
       Wynne said the greenhouses would let Maharishi Vedic City grow
produce year-round, filling a market niche for fresh fruits and
vegetables in the winter.
       "It can be picked ripe one day and it can be in your skillet the
next day," he said. "It would be like summer all year round."
       The farm's target market, in addition to Maharishi Vedic City and
Fairfield, would be the approximately 35 million people who live within
300 miles of Jefferson County.
       About 100 acres of connected greenhouses will be located on 160
acres of certified organic land three miles north of Maharishi Vedic City.
       A related organization, Maharishi World Peace Vedic Organics,
bought the land at auction April 11 for $3,650 an acre.
       Wynne said the farming operation eventually would employ about 220
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