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Just imagine how hard it is for the common folk of Palestine, Columbia, Afghanistan, or Iraq to exchange genuine, valuable information across hundreds and thousands of miles.  The annals of history show, that where there is dissent, there is deprivation from information sharing and the right to organize.  

For those of us in the more democratic, techno-friendly "West," such information deprivation occurs in subtle ways.  Take the corporate media's role in determining, "what the issues are."  Also, ANTI bio-tech list serves have experienced infiltration by Monsanto "agents" (eventually traced back to ISP's supported by Monsanto) passing themselves off as concerned list members, disseminating convincing, yet misleadig testimony to the safeness of genetically modified organisms.

Lesson learned:  we need to be able to carry out the Pc mission in the face of a technological or civil rights "blackout."

The potential for such black-outs or brown-outs, at least for the U.S. and its geo-political interests, is riding on the next U.S. presidential and congressional elections.  The results of which, may determine how far the U.S. government will go to squelch the voices of alternative and progressive thinkers, just as the previous 2002 elections flashed a green light at the Bush administration to go ahead with a policy of "pre-emptive" warfare.

Who knows, perhaps one day soon computer viruses or message encryption will be tagged as "weapons of terrorists" and the internet via fiber / tower / sattelite channels will be shut down or severely restricted.

Kirby Fry

For the real scoop on environmental and social justice issues check out the archives of Democracy Now!  http://www.webactive.com/webactive/pacifica/demnow/archive.html.

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