[permaculture] Goat browse

Johanna Huss Dowd johanna_dowd at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 20 12:57:46 EDT 2003

Thanks Ute,
I was thinking of fencing in a particularly bad area and let them loose in
there. Nothing else but rose and honeysuckle grows there right now.


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> Hi again, Johanna,
> I don't know about the honeysuckle (my guess is they will eat them) but
> Rosa species: yes. With gusto.
> But I wouldn't let goats loose in a woodland. They'd browse and possibly
> kill other woody plants too.
> I never let the goats get to the woody plants but cut and throw stuff
> into their paddocks, then gather the remaining sticks up for use as
> markers, poles, kindling etc.
> They are great at taking the bark of willow sticks/poles which means I
> can then use them without the danger of having them resprout once they
> are in the ground.
> Slán,
> Ute
> Johanna Huss Dowd wrote:
> >
> > Question for goat keepers: do goats browse on Multiflora Rose
> and Tartarian
> > Honeysuckle?
> > These two species are threatening to overrun my woods.
> >
> > Johanna in NJ
> >
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