[permaculture] Shout out for permaculture recipes.... (UK bias)

Graham Burnett grahamburnett at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Apr 18 17:44:00 EDT 2003

hello folks and sorry for the cross posting-

I'm putting together a kind of sequel book to both my 'Permaculture A
Beginners Guide' and my vegan cookbook, 'well fed, Not An Animal dead' which
will be a kind of permaculture recipe book featuring recipes or better still
'cooking guidelines' (I rarely use or follow prescriptive recipes- if you've
seen 'Well Fed' you'll know what i mean) for meals that can be made with
mainly home grown or non-imported ingredients (in the UK) and that require
the minimum of processing, packaging etc, together with some related
articles on food miles, gardening, fukuoka, forest gardening, etc.

I'd be interested in any recipes or stuff on preserving, drying, etc that
people might like to contribute. I'd request that all submissions be vegan,
or at least easily adaptable to vegan (though I don't mind recipes which
include home-scale produced honey), and I'm particularly interested in
including some raw food recipes, as well as dishes utilising wild foods,
'weeds', edible flowers, less usual fruit, etc, as well as seasonal dishes
based on the 'wheel of the year' (eg, meals appropriate for the various
yearly festivals like Beltane, samhain, etc). I'm not going to be
ultra-dogmatic, including some imported ingredients, eg, olive oil, fair
traded ingredients, etc would be acceptable...

Any submissions used will be credited and you'll recieve (at least) a copy
of the book when it's finished...

Look forward to hearing from all you perma-cooks out there!

Cheers Graham


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