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Richard Morris webmaster at pfaf.org
Thu Apr 10 16:13:26 EDT 2003

> From: Steve Diver <steved at ncat.org>
> This database and the technology behind it are interesting.
> The Scif reminds me of a Wiki; i.e., they are open source
> web-based collections from many contributors.
> The Plants Database
> http://plantsdatabase.com
> "This unique and comprehensive database is the accumulation of
> gardening knowledge and expertise from hundreds of gardeners
> living around the world. The database currently contains 55,010
> plants and 14,213 photos."

Cool database, good for pictures, but really quite lacking
in solid plant info, and almost nothing on the uses of plants.


> Powered by...
> The StandardOut Community and Information Facility, or Scif
> http://standardout.com/content/scif.html
> Scif, is a complete software application that is a framework
> for building powerful community-based websites.

Only problem with scif is that the software is not free
in either sense.

From: "Lawrence F. London, Jr." <lfl at intrex.net>
> You all really need to have a close look at Chad Knepp's PCPDB,
> Permaculture Plants Database This is a magnificent piece of work!
> http://sandhillfarm.org/pcpdb/
> Try a search on juniperus virginiana
> do the "I'm feeling strange"

Hum, doesn't seem to get me to juniperus virginiana!

> then the PCPDB
> This database needs to become a permanent 
> fixture in the world of online information.

Of course there are many other plant databases about
I've quite a few listed at
all have there own strengths and weeknesses.
Some of these do have some community input (HortiPlex).

\begin devils_advocate
There is an argument for combining our efforts
with one of these other database. Why reinvent the
wheel? Why not use the net exposure which the existing
databases have already got?

Well, lots of reasons:
None of the databases really contain the sort
of info which permacultarists really need. The
data in the Plants Database is so week that you really
would not want to use this info to select plants on.

Loss of control, i.e. we would not be able to shape the
database to meet our needs.

One thing to consider is that by billing it as permaculture
will reduce exposure. There are far more "Gardeners"
out there than permaculturalists.

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