[permaculture] kinship gardening

georg parlow georg at websuxxess.com
Thu Apr 3 07:55:10 EST 2003

great thread, kin folks!

miekal wrote:
> about or by Kapuler in my life, yet I have the bubble map in my
> kitchen, I look at it many times every day, it grows on me, & Alan's

nick wrote:
>Intuition has long suggested to me that there's a story in the making
>here. Another dimension of understanding? 3-dimensional taxonomies?

me too feels awed by the concept, it keeps rambling about with me for years
now, i too have had the bubble map on the wall for a while, even though i
never got to planting a bubble map bed. the idea often is with me when
harvesting for the table - i am always happy if i can glean some fruit or
leave from an odd farout branch of the kindom.

however, one additional thought got me recently. a few weeks ago i finished
reading "acquiring genomes" by ingenious lynn margulis and dorion sagan, a
groundbreaking work on the mechanics of speciation. revolutionized my
understanding of speciated life, of better to say: my view of life got
messed up. the bubble map is ingenious as well, and i especially liked the
threedimensional model, where plant kindo is like a thing raising through
time from bottom to top, branching as it goes up and getting more diverse,
with the present as a crosscut, resulting in the named bubbles if viewd from
atop. of course this is simplified, for the actual map of the present is
already threedimenional, since the relationship ties cannot be squeezed flat
and still be a true representation, and the time-dimension couldnt be
graphically depicted otherwise. but - here coems the additional thought -
the bubble map is also wrong, for it does not take into account the fusing
of (parts of) branches, which actually makes the neat and clear borders of
the bubbles pretty fuzzy and blurred. alan himself was the first to
introduce me to the idea of genetic transfer between unrelated species, even
between different phyla and kindoms. now if new species for due to
"forbidden crossings" or acquisition of whole genomes of totally different
species (e.g. fungi or bacteria), it is tricky to place them into this
bubble or that one, and so they also have to find species that seem to
somehow belong to different bubbles, that might not even be close on the

anidea, that you can propably ignore for all practical purposes, but since
it broadened my view of the world, i thought i share it.

keep growing!

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