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Robert,  I have forwarded your message to Joseph from OK city who is 
thinking putting together a pc work  there in the spring.    His email is
EagleWalksOK at aol.com   I wish we were hearing more honking for peace here in
our valley.   good work.  jerome
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>From: "Robert Waldrop" <rmwj at soonernet.com>
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>Subject: Re: [permaculture] Afghanistan redux
>Date: Sat, Sep 28, 2002, 7:11 PM

> In my conversations with others here in Oklahoma City, and also in
> cyberconversations in internet listservs, I have heard a lot of fears
> expressed about things getting "out of control", and certainly this is
> the way I feel.
> While the voices for war are very loud and obnoxiously omnipresent,
> there is a lot of antiwar sentiment at the grassroots, every Thursday
> afternoon we're having a public vigil against the war at a busy
> central Oklahoma City intersection (signs, flags, handing out
> pamphlets), one sign is always "honk for peace" and as a result that
> intersection is very noisy for the two hours or so we're there.  i was
> surprised at our first event last week at how many people honked their
> horns, and how few people cursed at us.   But this grassroots
> sentiment is of course not to be found in our major media.
> I've also noticed a class difference in the response.  Last Thursday I
> was handing out pamphlets to people in cars at the stop lights.
> Generally, the people driving new cars weren't interested, but people
> driving old cars were very interested.  Also, most of the people in
> the new cars were white, the drivers of the old cars taking our flyers
> were a true "rainbow coalition" (this is a very ethnically mixed
> neighborhood, whites, Hispanics, Vietnamese, African Americans
> mostly).
> So this is hardly any kind of scientific sample, but it's what I'm
> experiencing.
> I personally think this latest escalation in hostilities is proof
> positive that world oil production is nearing its peak, getting ready
> to enter a perpetual decline, and thus the US is moving to assert
> military control over the major oil reserves of the Middle East.
> WHICH, to bring us full circle, is a major reason for promoting
> permaculture.
> I spoke this afternoon about our developing local Oklahoma food system
> at a sustainable living conference at a local church, and one of the
> points I made was that everybody should endeavor to grow some of their
> own food, and that permaculture was one way to do this.  If "we are
> what we eat," then most Americans are petroleum, due to the high
> fossil fuel content of our food.  If something happened overnight to
> shut down all oil production, within a year there would be mass
> starvation throughout the world.
> Since it is obvious that permaculture gardens do not develop
> overnight, the time to plant the garden is several years before the
> crisis hits.  I sometimes wonder how much time we have for concepts
> like permaculture to make the jump from being known and utilized by
> the "early adopters", to more mainstream (and thus more widespread)
> impact.  Events like the present buildup in the Middle East generally
> make me think that we have less rather than more time, but what the
> heck, I've been fighting terrorism this summer by planting more trees
> and bushes and vines and etc and encouraging others to do the same.
> Hopefully, when all the shouting dies down, and the captains and the
> kings depart, the hobbits and the peasants will in fact inherit the
> Earth.
> Robert Waldrop,Oklahoma City
> http://www.oklahomafood.org
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> From: PacificEdge <pacedge at magna.com.au>
>>In a number of postings from the US I have seen the word 'fear'.
> Maybe
>>some of you in that country can confirm whether fear, or its
>>fellow-traveller, anxiety, is something being experienced by any
>>reasonably-sized percentage of the US population.
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