[permaculture] Guerrilla gardens

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I was told that goats like the shoots as well and over time can kill the
plant. Has anybody else tried this?


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> Not a problem...to a point.  This plant is such a problem in so many
> areas I could not do it justice in a mailing list post.  I'm in the US.
>   There are few states unaffected by this plant.  It has the ability to
> infect a wide variety of habitats.  A quick search through any search
> engine using just the common name, or the scientific name (_Fallopia_
> _japonica_), or the name + noxious should provide more than enough to
> evaluate how much of a threat this plant is.  You'll also find this
> plant a noxious pest in Europe, Canada, and New Zealand if memory serves
> me correctly.  It can establish without disturbance or horticultural
> planting, but that is the the primary method of infection.  However,
> hybrids are known to be spreading mainly by seed in a number of areas.
> Waterways suffer greatly due to continuous disturbance from high
> water/erosion.  However, impacts are not limited to waterways.
> I do agree with your last statement, but you'll be a hell of a lot
> better off with natives right from the start.  They develop in your
> areas over time, adapted to your particular habitats, and also have
> other organisms that have developed in much the same fashion that will
> help keep populations in check.  You'll find that a good many of the
> truly dangerous plants that have been around a while, are dangerous in
> many countries and under a variety of conditions....and usually are
> problems because we made them so.
> Felicity Wright wrote:
> > It would be extremely helpful for this list that when people are
> > recommending - for or against - plants that they identify preferred
> > rainfall/climate, soil types, elevation above sea level and any
> > special/relevant conditions.
> >
> > We all live in different continents and climates from arid to tropical
> > blanket recommendations or warnings are less than useful if they are not
> > contextualised. Ours weeds or salvation are not necessarily the same as
> > yours.
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> >>mIEKAL aND wrote:
> >>
> >>>If you want to break up sidewalks I highly recommend
>  >>>Giant Japanese Knotweed in the polygonum family.  It
>  >>>also makes great flutes, panpipes, & stirfry.
> >>>mIEKAL
> >>
> >>
> >>Unfortunately, I can't recommend this plant for anything.  It would be
> >>easier just to sledgehammer the concrete than deal with this monster
> >>once it gets established.  It is extremely invasive and costs many state
> >>huge amounts of money in eradication projects.
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