[permaculture] Industry and permaculture

living-change living-change at ntlworld.com
Fri Sep 27 12:17:36 EDT 2002

Hello all,

As part of a Fellowship programme I am researching the application of
permaculture to the design and development of industry systems, i.e.
production (manufacturing and processing of anything) systems.

I am looking for input from those who already work with industry related
permaculture as well as those who are new to this topic. I would love to
understand better the full and likely implications of using permaculture in
industry. Any help
and comments appreciated!

I have been working with permaculture as an academic topic and a design
approach for gardening for a few years. This Fellowship really provides me
with the opportunity to connect my established academic topic 'Clean
Technology' with my new and more practical interest.

What I have problems with is to imagine the impact permaculture and
permaculture design would/could have on industry and industrial development.
What would a mature industrial system look like once it followed as many of
the permaculture principles as possible?

Would we have neither production parks nor big companies anymore?
Would we use only or mainly renewable sources grown around the production
plant? What other characteristics would we find?

What does a juvenile (still maturing) system look like?

Are these questions parallel those you discussed about big agricultural

Is there anybody out there who is dealing with this sort of questions
already? Do you know of information on the web, in books, contacts?

What are your thoughts and ideas? Anybody happy to discuss this in more

Thanks for any inputs
rita at living-change.com

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