[permaculture] Iraque and deja vu

Marsha Hanzi hanzibra at svn.com.br
Sat Sep 21 22:56:49 EDT 2002

Mark, I left the United States as a protest when Nixon was elected, during
the Viet Nam War.  Felt that a country which could elect such a man could
not be my country ( they also discoverd that afterwards!)

Felt ashamed to be American, and have dedicated these 30-so years to
ecological agriculture...

It feels to me that the political atmosphere now is similar to then.  We had
FBI spies on campus, and were being forced by government to fight a war
somewhere out in Asia where we did not even really know where it was-- much
less why the war...

Two years ago I went through an identity crisis  and decided to give up my
American nacionality ( am also Swiss by marriage).
A buddhist friend told me that I was commiting the sin of rejection and
"that a people who feel the need to go to war are suffering and that perhaps
I should go an teach them what I learned in Brazil (which has a completely
different temperament, not bellic..) From that moment I decided to maintain
the passport and the identity...

Today in looking back I think that maybe it would have been better to stay.
If you really want to help the world, you need to transform the United
States first...(Maybe stay and not pay taxes? :-)   )

I saw a really interesting site where a group of people are depositing the
portion of their taxes which would go to the military in justice, as a
protest.  Didn´t find it now, but if I do will send it on to you...

But I know what you mean-- I was in the States in June, and bits of it I
found really scary ( like Phoenix Arizona, for example...) Sort of
dislocated reality if you know what I mean...


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