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Here's info for a workshop I'm offering in Seattle, starting October
9th.  It is based on the material in my recent Communities journal
articles of similar title and will include a few other tidbits as well,
including stuff mentioned in some of my related PC Activist articles. 
Particularly relevant to those exploring interpersonal aspects of
PC-based communities, intentional communities/ecovillages,
interpersonal stuff in PDC/teaching contexts, and whatever communities
one finds oneself in in daily life.  Please pass it on as you deem

John S.

Towards Clarity, Honesty and Personal Growth
An experiential workshop

Do you want to be clear and honest with yourself and others?  What do
you want to be, do and have in your life? In this three-session
workshop you will learn, practice and apply in daily life a progression
of methods supporting speaking your truth, hearing others' truths and
taking appropriate action to get what you want in your own life.
Facilitator John Schinnerer has three-plus years of experience working
with these methods and related approaches and has written about them
for Communities Journal of Cooperative Living and Permaculture Activist

Wednesday evenings, October 9th, 16th and 23rd, , 7-9 p.m., at the
Phinney Center in North Seattle.

Register with payment by 10/2/02 through the Phinney Neighborhood
Association office.
Phone:  (206) 783-2244
e-mail:  pna at phinneycenter.org
Web site:  http://phinneycenter.org
Fee: $30/PNA member; $35/non-member

John Schinnerer, MA
- Eco-Living -
Cultural & Ecological Designing
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