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>On Friday, September 20, 2002, at 10:24  AM, Michael Murphy wrote:
>>Afghanistan ran out of oil and everything else except bullets a long
>>time ago.
>Perhaps the oil in question is found in the once-Soviet republics to the 
>north and Afghanistan is needed as a conduit for the oil to the Persian 
>Gulf via pipeline?


>Maybe it's time to move to the hydrogen economy!

correct, and or bio diesel, methane, ethanol, proper design etc.  Praise to 
all moves forward large and small!

>Incidentally, media surveys indicate that something over 70% of 
>Australians oppose supporting actively the US in any action against Iraq 
>outside UN auspices. And this morning's (Saturday) Sydney Morning Herald 
>headline "Bush: how I'll rule the world" isn't likely to change that 
>situation-www.smh.com.au (the article response to Dubya's document 
>published last night Sydney time which can be found in full at: 

>...Russ Grayson

Interesting.  Oz being an imagrint society like the USA seems to share some 
of our orientation to military action more than Europe.  Nice to see they 
aren't getting on board with WWIII.  Really getting scary in this 
country.  We'll see how long it takes to for average Americans to connect 
the dots and realize we are on the verge of years of hot war, and what they 
say then.  I'm betting on two weeks or less.

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>>"....unless the West imposes order..." ??!!!!!! Yeah, or unless they run
>>out of oil and we all go home and leave them alone to get on with their
>>lives in the manner they choose.
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