[permaculture] Help save an old apple farm

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Subject: [Market Farming] Help save an old apple farm
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 15:37:54 -0500
From: Matt Green <seedpage at iowatelecom.net>
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   There is an elderly gentleman named Harold Linder who lives in my area
that owns an apple farm that he has ran for 50+ years.  There was a
writeup about him in the paper a few years ago in local paper (which I
have attached) that tells about him.

Anyway, Mr. Linder is approaching 90, and has remarked to a friend of
mine over the years that he is worried about the farm because he doesn't
want to see all the old apple varieties lost. We contacted him a couple
of years ago about it, because I had posted on a forum about the farm
and had gotten many replies about taking it over, but he said at the
time that he was trying to make arrangements with his family. This same
person told me awhile back that evidently those had not panned out, and
he was back in the same boat.

Mr. Linder lives in Sperry, Iowa, which is a bit north of Burlington on
the SE corner of the state. This is a very rural area along the
Mississippi, and very typical of the small town rural life you'd expect
from this part of the country. The property itself has a has, several
barns, equipment, and a fair amount of acreage.

If anyone is interested in moving here and  taking over such a farm,
please contact him at 319-985-2415. Please only tell him that someone
posted this on the internet, and do not give my name, as this will be
unsolicitied and he does not know people are calling him, and be ready
to give him some explanation of why you are calling. However, the nature
of the situation is such that it would be a disaster if those varieties
were lost.

Contact me if you have more questions. Thanks for your time.


lfl at intrex.net
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