[permaculture] Green Party

Claude Genest genest at together.net
Sat Sep 21 17:56:00 EDT 2002


someone emailed privately to ask what I thought of the OMEGA conference and
I thought it might be relevant to the group at large:

Well, to answer your question : Yes and No.....

I was amazed and felt quite empowered to realize the extent to which
academia and intellectuals DO NOT have solutions to offer..... Truly the
change will come from the bottom up...

I kept wishing Bill Mollison would be there to shake things up.

The speakers that inspired me most were Gunter Pauli ( the only one to
mention PC though he felt it was "incomplete" in that it "didn't include
fungi ")
Also, Satish Kumar.

I was incredibly NOT impressed by David Orr (I'm reading his "The Nature of
Design" right now and am further not impressed). Mind you, his exhortation
that we get involved politically was bang on and really struck a chord....

The keynote speaker was Paul Hawken, atuthor of Natural Capitalism. He said
a couple of things that really hit: one was his contention that the
environmental movement was in failure mode and in danger of disappearing -
the other was that corporations were not reformeable.....
and he should know !

Overall,  can't wait for next year. Many were heard to say how reassuring it
is to know that there are others out threre doing what were doing. I didn't
"network" very much because I just am no good at that.....

I left feeling better about PC than ever. Still the only place where
everyday people can really find solutions, IMHO.....

I wonder what the bioneers conference was like ?


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