[permaculture] October 20-25, 2002 Permaculture Teacher's Training at Earthaven

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Tue Sep 17 21:43:51 EDT 2002

October 20-25, 2002 Permaculture Teacher's Training - An intensive exposure to
design, presentation skillls, and practical methods for organizing, managing and
designing long
and short workshops. Open to graduates of the Pc Design Course. $375

The most experienced permaculture teaching team in eastern North America:
Chuck Marsh, Peter Bane, Patricia Allison, Andrew Goodheart Brown, Arjuna daSilva,
Johnson , and others, bring together decades of experience at the forefront of
cultural evolution.
Pioneers in the new paradigm of holistic living, they are at home in America's first
designed ecovillage.

Earthaven was founded in 1995, inspired by a vision of a healthy, multi-cultural,
viable, spiritually diverse and ecologically responsible community, living in ways
that reawaken,
heal and nourish both our awareness of the fundamental oneness of creation and our
connection with the natural world. On 325 forested acres, Earthaven is a growing
with 55 full members, and a steady stream of visitors and students. Camping facilities
hot showers and composting toilets) and hearty vegetarian fare are included in your
fee. The creeks and spring waters are clear and refreshing, and the forest is full of

Culture's Edge is a not-for-profit charitable corporation at Earthaven, which is
dedicated to
supporting, demonstrating, and catalyzing the development of healthy, sustainable and
regenerative culture. At the core of this mission is the creation of responsible
relationships within
and among the human and natural communities through research, education and the
of appropriate traditional and innovative skills, tools, and practices.

Culture's Edge Contact Information: Write: Culture's Edge, 1025 Camp Elliott Road,
Black Mountain NC 28711-8628. Phone: (828) 669-3937. E-mail:
culturesedge at earthaven.org.
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