[permaculture] Re: Pond Plantings...invasives

mangodance bmn at iglou.com
Tue Sep 17 20:31:15 EDT 2002

Claude Genest wrote:
> I've been tracking them for four years in my part of the lake - I don't see
> rthis doomsday prophecy coming true....Like I said, they gotta eat something
> to keep multiplying, no ?
> Anyway, I'll let you know !

I'm glad you've been lucky, but that is no doomsday prophecy.  I can 
show you specimens of 30-40 year old native mussels so encrusted with 
zebra mussels, they died because they could no longer feed.  Entire 
populations have basically been exterminated by the little demons. 
Others?  Turtles with limited motility due to ZMs, turtles with nearly 
no sight due to encrusted ZMs.  Ponds that quickly colonized, and when 
the ponds cleared or could no longer keep up with the burgeoning 
population, the ZMs had a large dieoff, the decay sapped O2 from the 
water, the decay made nutrients available again, another population 
explosion, and so on.  Damage to property from ZMs is extensive.

BTW, where do you live?  I may be able to hook you up with some folks 
who can discuss local ZM issues with you.

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