[permaculture] Pond Clean Up/PC Scale

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Tue Sep 17 06:33:24 EDT 2002

Good day,

In a message dated 9/16/02 9:38:39 AM, genest at together.net writes:

<<  I love John's idea of pulling those little ponds into elongated
swales. >>

Claude...These are not little ponds...just wet, soggy areas after rains. 
Further, they are NOT contiguous. The amount of dirt you'd have to move, and 
then the re seeding of the torn up areas preclude these kind of ideas. 
Remember I already have a major labor problem:)

<<If clay's the deal, work with it by planting a deep rooted annualcrop ( 
daikon, alfalfa)>>
Too wet for alfalfa. Don't know much about daikon. Will cattle eat it?

<< follow up with tree planting - poplar, willow (
Not sure of the nutritional value of willow, there was a post on that
recently, but poplar, according to the USDA has "twice the feed value of
clover, honeysuckle">>

Claude, there are already a number of volunteer red cedar, sycamore,sour gums 
etc. in these pasture fields. These make it difficult to get around for bush 
hogging etc. My neighbor advised me to cut them all down. But I'm reluctant.

Also I imagine you are talking about "poplar" leaves. How can the cattle 
harvest them?

I really need the lists' help in weeding out PC ideas that are sound in 
principle but not very practical on a large scale with limited $$$ and labor.

I'd love to implement a holistic, practical, yet affordable PC design on my 
In some respects I'm making progress, but for me plans are far too broad, and 
general. They lack the detail, practical evaluations that are so 
critical...especially since there are so many options:)

Thanks to all for listening, and sharing your thoughts, and experiences. 

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