[permaculture] Pond Clean Up/PC Scale

Mark mpludwig at facstaff.wisc.edu
Mon Sep 16 13:34:19 EDT 2002

> > Tight, hard clay mineral soils with only 3-4" of top soil. Like 
> concrete when
> > dry, like molding clay when wet.
>Frank, I love John's idea of pulling those little ponds into elongated
>swales. If clay's the deal, work with it by planting a deep rooted annual
>crop ( daikon, alfalfa) and

Both of these are going to be unhappy in wet areas.  Get some sulphur 
worked into that soil, gypsum and or ammonium sulfate.  Mix a little 
buckwheat in with whatever you plant, really works miracles on many soils, 
10 lb /a should be plenty in a mix (#'s for lb/a work about right for and 
kg/h) .  Might try reed canary grass, takes time to develop but can take 
both wet and drought conditions, be sure to use low alkaloid variety.

>  follow up with tree planting - poplar, willow (
>Not sure of the nutritional value of willow, there was a post on that
>recently, but poplar, according to the USDA has "twice the feed value of
>clover, honeysuckle" and a third plant I can't remember off-hand.

If they will eat it.  They like grass better.  Goats prefer woody plants, 
cows prefer grass.

> >
> >
> > John, I'm having a problem getting enough pasture for my cattle as it 
> is. I'm
> > thinking of clearing (over time) more land for pasture so that I have 
> enough
> > good forage for my cattle.
>See above

Plant more grass.

> >
> > Frank, are you gonna host/take the course or what ? :-)
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