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Some of us have met in the former list.  I am Marsha Hanzi,  from the Bahian Permaculture Institute in northeast Brazil.
I got into Permaculture from  an organic agriculture door, and we presently dedicate a good part of our time to farms and ranches, the most vibrant project at the moment being a drylands polyculture project in the interior of the State of Bahia, where I live. It has now reached some 500 small farmer families.
.  (You can se an extensive article about it at  www.bothends.org under the "Encyclopedia of sustainability"
under "Polycultures in the Brazilian drylands"...)

I have bought 23 acres ( 7 hectares) of highly degraded land in a beautiful valley to implant an experimental center for dryland living.  A very small-scale ( maybe 3-7 people), basically an extended family, where students, trainees, artists, etc. can come to develop experiments of the various aspects of dryland living ( agriculture, essences, architecture, cisterns,energy techniques,  music etc.)

I am a transplanted American, here for 25 years (left with the Peace Corps, never came back).  After a marvellous  trip through Oregon-California, across the desert into Phoenix last May ( where I ALMOST met some of you and DID meet Khalil Nader)I would like to re-build this bridge ( Brazil-USA), and also  accompany the general  tendencies of the international Permaculture movements.

I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the contributions which are made on this list, it is a real privilege to have access to so much knowhow.

Sincerely yours,

Marsha Hanzi
Instituto de Permacultura da Bahia
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