[permaculture] Energetics

Bob Ewing & Jocelyn Paquette sixdegrees at baynet.net
Wed Sep 11 09:39:02 EDT 2002

Greetings, a relevant book:

Stone Age Farming: Eco-Agriculture for the 21st Century

                       Alanna Moore

                       Python Press, Australia copyright 2001 isbn:

Kirby Fry wrote:

> Hi Heide
> >>  What if...water had an affinity for certain plants, but not others?  <<
> Yes, in the videos, "The Private Life of Plants," the degree of interaction
> between the plants and their polinators and predators is amazing.  The
> plants evolve around the physiology of the insects and visaversa.
> Who's to say that there isn't such a relationship between water and the
> organisms that are either attracted or repelled by it.

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