[permaculture] PC Wiki! - up and running, barebones mode

Mitra mitra_lists at earth.path.net
Sat Sep 7 18:14:58 EDT 2002

This is a nice page, it inspired me to look at uploading some things I've 
written ..

But .... when I poked around in the "How To Wiki", it appears you have to 
use Wiki's own bizarre formatting scheme, rather than HTML.  Has anyone 
figured out how to upload HTML files?

- Mitra

At 08:57 PM 9/6/2002 -0500, mIEKAL aND wrote:
>While the following is not top level activity this is the kind of interactions
>that I am interested in using the permawiki for.  this is the beginnings of a
>little mediation on buartnuts, the overstory species in our nut garden.
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