[permaculture] Guerrilla gardens

Felicity Wright flickwright at ozemail.com.au
Fri Sep 6 00:23:08 EDT 2002

It would be extremely helpful for this list that when people are
recommending - for or against - plants that they identify preferred
rainfall/climate, soil types, elevation above sea level and any
special/relevant conditions.

We all live in different continents and climates from arid to tropical so
blanket recommendations or warnings are less than useful if they are not
contextualised. Ours weeds or salvation are not necessarily the same as


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> mIEKAL aND wrote:
> > If you want to break up sidewalks I highly recommend Giant Japanese
> > in the polygonum family.  It also makes great flutes, panpipes, &
> > mIEKAL
> Unfortunately, I can't recommend this plant for anything.  It would be
> easier just to sledgehammer the concrete than deal with this monster
> once it gets established.  It is extremely invasive and costs many state
> huge amounts of money in eradication projects.

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