[permaculture] Guerrilla gardens

mIEKAL aND dtv at mwt.net
Fri Sep 6 00:10:33 EDT 2002

the young shoots can be stirfried or marinated in lemon & oil....

here we harvest the stalks after the freeze but before the really cold weather
sets in.  each joint has a membrane between it, which are removed so that a closed
tube is created.  the stalks (which we also call mock bamboo) can then be dried &
cured within a month or so.  They arent quite so durable as bamboo but I have
several sets of panpipes that are 10 years old & Ive gotten a lot of use out of
them.  also one could fashion wind chimes, whistles & claves out of them.  all you
need are a couple gourd guitars & you have yourself a vegetable band.


Heide Hermary wrote:

> Which part do you stirfry?  Also, do the flutes last for any length of time or
> do they disintegrate as quickly as the stalks left to decay over the winter?
> I have a couple of big clumps and quite like them, even though they are
> considered an invasive weed here.  Nice flowers and dense canopy for privacy.

they also wreck havoc on old foundations.  around here it was planted in the 50s
as a "touch of the orient" & on one of our properties it covers half the property.

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