[permaculture] Guerrilla gardens

Heide Hermary heidehermary at pacificcoast.net
Thu Sep 5 23:17:49 EDT 2002

Which part do you stirfry?  Also, do the flutes last for any length of time or
do they disintegrate as quickly as the stalks left to decay over the winter?
I have a couple of big clumps and quite like them, even though they are
considered an invasive weed here.  Nice flowers and dense canopy for privacy.

But frankly, getting unwanted vegetation growing in sidewalk cracks etc. will
just lead to more pesticide use by those who find that unsightly, especially
with hard to eradicate rhizomatous shrubs like these. Maybe a little discretion
is advised. Some people will stop at nothing to eradicate some plants.

I am always amazed how people can justify the huge environmental impact of
bulldozers and poisons to get rid of the little old blackberry that does such a
good job at inhabiting disturbed sites, containing erosion, providing food and
habitat, and replenishing soil. I cleared a small patch of them in my backyard,
you should see the fantastic humus that built up underneath them!


mIEKAL aND wrote:

> If you want to break up sidewalks I highly recommend Giant Japanese Knotweed
> in the polygonum family.  It also makes great flutes, panpipes, & stirfry.
> Mark wrote:
> > At 11:05 PM 9/4/02 -0500, you wrote:
> > >I've also gotten into some guerilla gardening; planting
> > >and sowing plants and vines in strategic locations.  Seed
> > >balls are another approach I'm looking into. I see a lot of
> > >potential colorizing and beautifying urban surroundings,
> > >especially vacant spots and strips and borders.
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