[permaculture] Re: Agrarian suburbs - a good idea

lfl at intrex.net lfl at intrex.net
Thu Sep 5 05:32:11 EDT 2002

Steve Diver wrote:
> Misha Gale-Sinex wrote:
>>I think this feeds back into the discussion of a permaculture
>>outreach project (I don't like to think about "organizations" these
>>days). And the need for an ATTRA for noncommercial farmers. (I adore
>>ATTRA by the way, and if Steve Diver went up on eBay, I'd break my
>>boycott of that site, and bankrupt myself bidding.  :^)

Now if George would create a cabinet position for the combined forces of
ATTRA/AFSIC/NAL/The Wallace Center/NCAT/selected pro-organic Cooperative Extension agents,
all the greenie-weenies would vote Republican, Trent Lott would move to the Bayou and grow pot,
and the Democrats and Libertarians would join forces for survival.

> Now wouldn't that be something, a Harley-riding permaculture babe

Probably a Ducati for commuting and Motoguzzi for Sunday outings.
Actually I had envisioned her on a BMW R-90 roaring across the
Midwestern Plains driving great clouds of GMO corn pollen back up the snoot
of the corporate seed barons.

lfl at intrex.net

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