[permaculture] Re: [permaculture]Wrong Fertilizers

FranksFarm at aol.com FranksFarm at aol.com
Wed Sep 4 16:49:22 EDT 2002

G'day Robyn:

You wrote:)

<<Recommend you get information from your local (national) organic 
certification authority - this will give you a reliable guide to 
appropriate natural substances.>>

Well taken.

However, I'm generally aware of the appropriate natural substances. The 
problem is finding a nearby supplier,who supports such thinking, and produces 
such products at reasonable cost. Out of state shipping costs add a lot to 
cost too:(

The fact that I'm in a relatively rural area composed mostly of small 
tobacco, and cattle farms that has incredible natural beauty, and not a whole 
lot of infrastructure, or 
spendable income alters the picture considerably.

I often find local dealers don't even stock fairly common items like large 
cotter pins, or large washers. And just a trip to the dealer winds up wasting 
a half day or more:(

It's a bit frustrating. 

What I'm looking for is:  Frank, you can get green sand in bulk from JJ 
Minerals in Bardstown,Ky for $10 a ton phone # is 606-001-001, or kelp meal 
and other natural ingredients from Kelp Sales in Jamestown,KY for $30 a ton. 
I can then act.

I'm hoping some of you are in Ky and may know of such sources:)
Heck, most businesses don't even put an ad in the yellow pages:)  And you 
have to guess how they are listed too!

Cheers, Frank

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