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Wed Sep 4 16:31:34 EDT 2002

Good day:)

In a message dated 9/3/02 3:08:44 PM, hemenway at jeffnet.org writes:

<< I'm not saying that a PDC is absolutely necessary, just that it will
significantly increase your chances of success, and give you a nice set of
tools for applying Pc in a world of messy human relations. Plus gain a good
set of friends, and have what nearly everyone says is a transformative
experience. >>

Toby, I'm with you on the above.

To me the chance to meet, and talk to others interested in PC is a prime 
benefit. I find at many seminars that I learn more from the discussions 
between attendees after the seminar than from the often dry rehash of ideas I 
already am familiar with.  In fact often such conversations are quite 
spirited, and touch upon the real world problems, and application of the 
ideas discussed.

<<A PDC is the most effective way I know to gain a whole-systems view. I've 
seen plenty of people in holistic fields come out of a PDC with a vastly 
enriched understanding of whole systems.>>

Hmmm...I think many of start with a whole systems view, a holistic approach 
that's been promoted widely. I agree with that view. But it's terribly 
complex. So while I agree with the philosophy it's the tools, and details as 
they relate to my farm, my region that are important for me to begin 
implementing a holistic plan.

But to do so I need extensive knowledge of soils, surveying, site 
analysis,forestry,land clearing, excavation, machinery, terrain analysis, 
plant indicators, suitable plants and their requirements. I could go on and 

It's a bit unrealistic that any one person is going to have such an intimate 
knowledge of all these subjects. I'm continually trying to expand my 
knowledge base...and books help. But like Toby said I'd learn far more from a 
respected PC mentor, who I hope has acquired some of this knowledge.

I've read a lot of PC design Course agendas.  They all seem remarkably 
similar. Lots of talk about ideas, and concepts I'm familiar with, and by 
nature fairly general in scope.
If they were in my neck of the woods, and more affordable I'd probably sign 
up for one anyway. For I'm always eager to learn from others who I assume may 
KNOW more than I. Plus it's the association with others facing similar 
challenges that I find most valuable. 

While I don't NEED to learn about desert systems, or tundra for the 
application of PC on my farm I am always interested in natural systems. I 
find such subjects fascinating.
"Knowledge for it's own sake" is something I truly believe.

So, again I'm predisposed to hosting a PC Charrette:)  Any takers?   Frank

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