[permaculture] Re: diploma in permaculture design

jeff jko at save-net.com
Wed Sep 4 04:05:28 EDT 2002

Mark wrote:
> I have actually retreated somewhat from my initial enthusiasm for
> PC due to what I see as a certain rigidity.

Rigidity, bureaucracy, tradition, rules, and laws tend to build in
organizations and over time destroy them.  This seems to happen in
cultures, political systems, business organizations, and just about

This could also happen in PC if we define it as rules or techniques.
But if we define it as a process that observes and learns, then theoretically
it can evolve and adapt just as nature does.  Not everyone agrees with
this view though.  Some want standards to verify that the movement does
not get marginalized.  Anyway, i like the idea of Pc being a design process
that requires ongoing thought and observation to exist.  This recognizes
that the world isn't static and we never stop learning.

Another characteristic of a process oriented definition is we become part
of the design and fit into the cycles and ongoing adjustments.  This
removes the separation between nature and humans that exists in most
literature today.  All this is much like ZEN and many native religions.
I'm thinking of the Australians who believe they keep the world going
by their interactions with it.

I don't know if the Pc literature discusses this or it is just
my world view.  It does give one a feeling of freedom to think
of Pc as a dance where each day is unique and the music
never stops.


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