[permaculture] Re: Creating a Pc outreach organization

Charles Knoles charles at growfood.org
Tue Sep 3 21:22:03 EDT 2002

Another function that this organisation could serve is as a hub for
permies with grantmakers and other sources of funding.  I'm amazed at how
much money is out there for worthy projects.  Check out:
or the environmental grantmakers association if you don't believe me.

  Lack of available funding for environmental projects should never be used
as an excuse in this country.

  An answer to another one of Steve Diver's questions:

>What kind of research library are you talking about?

   I was thinking of a collection of case studies, research in academic
and other types of official sounding paperwork that could be used in grant
applications to make a project sound practical.  Of course we all know
that permaculture's success comes from Magick and Faeries but we don't
need to let THEM know that.  ;)

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> and would be willing to help bring such an entity into existence.

  Me too.  I think this Wiki project ties in very nicely but it would be
nice to also have an organization with an official sounding name that can
be flashed around to funding bodies and international agencies, put on
grant apps. etc.  Also nice to have a person whose job would be to be
a librarian of sorts.  I'm guessing that there is funding available for just
such a person to be employed.  I have a lot of spare time on my hands
at the moment so I'll start looking into some of the possibilities that have
been suggested.  In the meantime everyone please get your two cents
worth in about this project it could be really cool.

Love to all,

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