[permaculture] Re: [permaculture]Wrong Fertilizers

permed at nor.com.au permed at nor.com.au
Wed Sep 4 04:37:30 EDT 2002

Recommend you get information from your local (national) organic 
certification authority - this will give you a reliable guide to 
appropriate natural substances.

>Good day:)
>In a message dated 8/29/02 2:12:56 PM, mpludwig at facstaff.wisc.edu writes:
><< The wrong fertilizers are problematic. >>
>Lord, there are so many formulations etc. Yet local Southern Staes etc. may 
>only carry certain kinds. So you may noy have a lot of options.
>Nonetheless,what fertilizers/brand or compositions are you speaking about. 
>What should we avoid.
>For instance many locals seem to like to use triple 19. Is that OK, or do we 
>need to know about fillers etc. to make best choice.
>What kinds/brands do we PC types need to avoid?
>Thanks. Frank

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