[permaculture] Creating a Pc outreach organization

Bob Ewing & Jocelyn Paquette sixdegrees at baynet.net
Tue Sep 3 12:14:16 EDT 2002

Greetings, I have been following this thread with some interest. I agree with the
following points made by Steve:

"A permaculture research service would offer a different
focus and a different audience than ATTRA.  There will
always be some cross-over and cross-pollination, but
Pc essentially has a different focus.

In my experience, I see Pc benefiting home owners, gardeners,
homesteaders, and communities more immediately than
farmers.    Thus, the needs of the Pc audience and the topics
targeted towards a Pc audience are really quite different
than the farmer-audience addressed by ATTRA.

Pc provides a framework for homes and villages to become
more sustainable through design and implementation
of technologies and systems that create a small ecological
footprint, that bring synergy and productivity and ecology
to their surroundings."

and would be willing to help bring such an entity into existence. Here, in Thunder
Bay, we have been slowing working, (mostly talking) towards a foodshed analysis
and, although program funds just vanished, a few of us are ready to step up the
pace and get the job completed. Too much of the food consumed here travels the
1300 miles while land both within and just outside the city sits vacant and local
growers struggle to sell.

Bob Ewing

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